“Let us be your partner in financial compliance

OB-Motion uses accounting software that complies will all legislative requirements, to capture the accounting records. Under financial compliance, our duties will include;

  • The monthly recording of all income, expenses, bank and other financial related information;
  • Correctly allocating transactions according to accounting policies and procedures;
  • Complying with the relevant accounting standards;
  • All paperwork, slips, vouchers etc. received from a client is neatly sorted, recorded and filed and then returned to the client.
  • OB-Motion uses Sage Pastel Partner inhouse for those clients who have other proprietary accounting systems for example Petrol stations, franchises such as Romans Pizza, Spar etc.
  • For Cloud related software we use Sage Cloud Accounting, allowing our clients to take charge of their own billing and supporting them with capturing of the expenses and bank feeds.
  • Assist with various other specialized reports as needed by clients.

In recent years some clients have outsourced their entire Bookkeeping department to OB-Motion team including issuing of invoices, preloading of payments for salaries and suppliers. 


“Compliance is out Aim

People hate paying tax.  That said, we believe in paying what is fair.  Pay too much tax, you negatively impact the growth of the business, pay to little tax you negatively impact the growth of the country, pay the correct amount of tax so all can prosper. Under tax compliance, our duties will include (where applicable);

  • VAT recon and submissions to SARS;
  • VAT review & audits as requested by SARS;
  • Provisional tax calculations and returns for organisations and individuals;
  • Income tax submissions for organisations and individuals;
  • Income tax review and audits for organisations and individuals;
  • EMP201 submissions to SARS;
  • Periodic EMP501 reconciliation submissions to SARS and the issuing of IRP5’s;
  •  Tax Compliance status Letter (If requested by a client).


“Worth is more than a paycheck

Payroll – “Worth is more than a paycheck” OB-Motion uses Sage Cloud Payroll as well as Sage Professional Payroll, which is a local payroll software that complies with all legislative requirements. We also provide support to clients running their own payrolls either on VIP Payroll, Pastel Payroll or Sage 1 Payroll. We also have partnered with a HR and Labour Consultant in order to provide our clients with a comprehensive solution for payroll and HR matters. Under Payroll, our duties will include;

  • Process payroll information on a Monthly/Weekly/Bi-Weekly payroll date and providing salary related reports including PDF pay slips. Printed on security paper on request and delivered to clients place of business (additional costs will apply);
  • Reconciling company and other deductions in order to submit statutory reports i.e. UIF, SARS, WCA, RMA;
  • Maintain and update employee records as well as leave, loans, increases on payroll;
  • WCA/RMA Letter of Good standing (if requested by client);

Consulting and salary structuring on an ad hoc basis.


“Give your Secretary a break

Additional Services – “Give your secretary a break” Admin is always a nightmare especially in smaller business. Often outsourcing is more cost effective then trying to do it by one selves. Michaela Oberholzer is also a Commission of Oaths, bringing relief to frustrations when certification of documents are required (except where expressed Police certification is required)

  • Additional services offered include but are not limited to; Private Company Registrations;
  • Submission of Annual Returns and Financial Statement/Financial Accountability Report;
  • Maintaining of statutory documents including amendments to company information;
  • Assisting with the preparation of resolutions;
  • Maintain electronic updated version of all statutory documents on a database;
  • Voluntary de-registration of private companies and close corporations;
  • General compliance advice;
  • Confirmation Letters;
  • B-BBEE Exempted Micro Enterprise Affidavit;